Brawler Bears (PVP)

Brawler Bears is a strategic NFT fighting game where players use unique bears, equipped with various weapons and abilities, to engage in wagered battles, earn ARKD tokens, and compete for dominance.

I. Getting Started

  1. 1.
    Acquire a Brawler Bear: You need to own a Brawler Bear to start playing. This can be obtained in three ways:
    • Airdrop: If you held a qualifying NFT during the airdrop period, you might have been airdropped a Brawler Bear.
    • Minting: Participate in the minting event to acquire a newly minted Brawler Bear.
    • Marketplace: Purchase a Brawler Bear from the marketplace from another player.
  2. 2.
    Acquire Weapons: Weapons can significantly boost your bear's combat capabilities. They can be obtained through:
    • Airdrop: For each Brawler Bear you owned prior to the launch of the game, you were airdropped one weapon.
    • Minting: Participate in the minting event to acquire a newly minted weapon.
    • Marketplace: Purchase weapons from the marketplace from another player.

II. Gameplay Mechanics

  • Equip Attacks: Each bear can equip up to three attacks. Carefully plan your bear's attacks for optimal performance in battle.
  • Create/Join Battles: Engage in battles by wagering ARKD. Challenge other players to assert your bear's dominance. (1 KDA Battle Fee)
  • Perform Attacks: Execute powerful attacks against your opponent to deplete their health and claim victory.
  • Earn Rewards: The winner of each battle receives the ARKD as a reward. These rewards can be used to level up your bear and unlock new abilities.
  • Heal Your Bear: Use ARKD to restore your bear's health, ensuring it's ready for the next battle.
  • Level Up (Coming Soon): Enhance your bear's abilities and strength by winning battles and inflicting damage on opponents. Your victories and the damage you deal contribute to your progression.
  • Timed Out Wins (Coming Soon): If a player doesn't make a move for 24 hours, the last player to move wins the battle. Strategize your moves with this in mind.

III. Fighter and Weapon Stats

Fighter Stats

  • Level: Tracks your progress as a Brawler Bear.
  • Health Power (HP): Indicates your bear's resilience and endurance against enemy attacks.
  • W/L Ratio: Shows your win-loss record as a competitor.
  • Total Battles: Counts the number of battles your bear has engaged in, showcasing your experience.
  • Damage Given: Records the total amount of damage your bear has inflicted on opponents.
  • Damage Taken: Shows the total damage your bear has sustained during battles.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: Measures the strength of your attacks, showing how much damage they can inflict on opponents.
  • Power: Shows how many times a specific attack can be used before it needs to be recharged.

IV. Healing Items

  • Lavender Honey: Fully restores HP and replenishes all equipped attacks once every 24 hours.
  • Sapphire Honey: Restores half of the maximum HP.
  • Golden Honey: Fully restores HP and replenishes all equipped attacks.
  • Attack Power Replenisher: Recharges your weapons when their power runs out.

V. Progression and Leveling

  • Battle Achievements (Coming Soon): Each battle you win and each attack you make contributes to your bear's leveling up, which increases its maximum HP.
  • Leaderboard (Coming Soon): Compete with others on the leaderboard to secure the top spot and showcase your skills.
  • Free Play Mode (Coming Soon): Test strategies and improve your skills in this mode where battles don't require any wagering.
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