What are attributes and why are they important?

Welcome to Arkade, where you can explore the world of NFT collecting! Here, every NFT is unique and has its own set of attributes, such as the design of the mouth, body, or background, making each one valuable in its own way.

One important factor to consider when buying NFTs is the rarity of the NFT. The rarity of an NFT is determined by the likelihood of its unique combination of attributes. For example, an NFT with rare attributes, such as purple sunglasses, found in only 0.01% of the collection, can potentially increase its value. On Arkade, you can easily check the rarity rank of an NFT on its collection page through our partner Kadefi.

This allows you to make informed decisions when buying NFTs, giving you a better idea of the potential value of the NFT based on its rarity. Additionally, you can also check the transaction activity of the collection, the prices at which the NFTs are being purchased, and the uniqueness of the NFTs.

Experience the excitement of owning one-of-a-kind NFTs on Arkade, where you can find rare and unique collections that you won't find anywhere else. Happy collecting!

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