How do I mint an NFT?

One of the safest ways to buy NFTs is through a reputable launchpad/marketplace like Arkade or Hypercent.

To ensure the integrity of our platform at Arkade, we have implemented several safety measures, such as thoroughly evaluating the authenticity of collections before they are launched, making KYC a mandatory requirement, and having a thorough launch process.

Here’s how you can use Arkade's marketplace:

  1. Head over to our website here.

  2. Locate the correct project you are buying or planning to mint from.

  3. Wait for the public mint or whitelist (presale) mint to start.

  4. Mint away!

Launchpad mints can be high-traffic events, which means you may face competition when trying to mint. Don't be discouraged if you're unsuccessful, there will always be other opportunities. Another option is to buy or mint through the NFT collection's official website or within our marketplace. We will discuss this further later on.

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